April 23, 2022

Parent Nation

On this week's episode we discuss the cannot miss upcoming book "Parent Nation" that Heidi has been working on, how to understand the drivers underneath the stress and anxiety of today's kids, how to find a good therapist for your kid, and more!

Today, we talk with Heidi's courageous friend, Deb, sharing some of the struggles she's experienced in her family, and offering brilliant advice on how we can react with kindness and empathy, and avoid unwittingly causing unnecessary emotional pain. This is a good one!

Today, after a somewhat prolonged hiatus, Heidi and John are back. In the wake of the recent talk of banned books, they are are talking about the material: books, media, halftime shows, and Joe Rogans, that we might expose our kids to, and what we keep out of their hands. They also talk about the ways in which challenging materials and topics can enrich the parent-child relationship. And believe it or not, they plan to be back soon with another episode!

Sen. Josh Hawley's recent comments about masculinity being under attack compelled us to put together our thoughts on this topic, especially amongst our youth. We talk porn, video games, Aaron Rodgers, and more!

On this episode of On Purpose, we're talking about the phenomena of college enrollments continuing to drop over the past two years, and the growing tendency for young adults to retreat into video games and parents' basements. What's driving this trend? And perhaps more importantly, what can be done about it? 

September 3, 2021

The Fall Therapy Tidal Wave

We're back! This week we're talking about the tidal wave of phone calls John's office usually receives this time of year as modern kids juggle typical age-related stresses with the looming existential threats that dominate the news these days. Also, some advice for parents on how we can help out our kids by simply becoming better listeners!

June 23, 2021

The End of an Era

This week, we discuss Heidi's decision to move on from her long-time role at The Chicago Tribune. We talk about the story of her time there, how her column "Balancing Act" came to be, as well as what's next on the horizon. Enjoy!

June 11, 2021

On Changing Courses

Illinois is finally reopening! As normal life begins to resume, we're noticing that a lot of people are changing directions. In this episode, Heidi & John explore why that might be. John also recounts how meeting his wife, Julie, inspired him to quit accounting to become a psychologist, and much more!

This week we're discussing the changing views about relationships and marriage amongst youngsters these days. Power dynamics are balancing out, and marriage doesn't necessarily have to be everyone's end goal. Find out what we think and more!

Heidi and John are checking in to give an update on all things pandemic parenting. They talk about how strict/lenient we should be with our kids during this time, growing up as a boy versus a girl these days, and more!

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